Tuesday, July 16, 2013

T-Shirt Giveaway!!

I have decided that I will give away one of our fundraiser Tshirts in your choice of size and style (hoodie not included) when:

1. My Facebook Page hits 100 "likes."

2. 50 shirts have been purchased.

I will also give away another Tshirt every time 25 additional shirts are purchased from my fundraiser.

That means:
50 shirts purchase-1 winner
75 shirts purchased-2 winners
100 shirts purchased-3 winners
etc (assuming we hit 100 "likes" on my page).

Here is how to enter:

1. Like my Facebook page, comment here that you did or already liked it. Leave your email in the comment so I can reach you if you win!

2. Share this blog post on your Facebook page. Comment here with a link of your post (make it public so I can verify!) and your email address. You can do this once per day.

3. Share the link to purchase tshirts on your Facebook page. Comment here with the link to your post (make it public so I can verify) and you email address.  (If you go to the fundraiser page you can click "Join this cause" below the picture of the shirt and put in your information, it will then give you a unique URL you can pass along on FB and when 10 shirts are purchased using your URL you will get a free one so that is an additional chance to get a free shirt!!) You can do this once per day.

REMEMBER to leave a separate comment for each entry, each comment is one entry so if you put all 3 in one comment you only have one entry! You can share on FB every day until the fundraiser ends on August 1st for additional chances to win but you must leave a separate comment with a link to each FB post. Also remember to leave your email in the comment or I won't be able to let you know about your free shirt.

I will post winners here. A new winner will be chosen at 50 shirts purchased and every time 25 more shirts have been purchased, you can only win once but each drawing will be from all entries so please keep sharing and entering for more chances!! (I will "draw" via random.org but I don't know how to do screen shots so you will have to trust me!).

Make sure to purchase shirts too, I can't draw until we hit 50, 75, 100 etc.

Good luck!


  1. I liked the page

  2. I dont know how to post that I posted this on my FB page but it's there.

  3. Mary I'm adding your comment that you posted the fundraiser on your page for you! "Mary Smith"